Jack Thakar

[ { "name": "Scheme Interpreter and Visualizer", "description": "This started as a port of [CS 61A's Scheme Interpreter project](http://sp16.cs61a.org/proj/scheme/) from Python to Dart but it has grown to include an environment diagram generator, an editor, and more. It's now used as an official resource for 61A students to visualize Scheme code and lists. Because the source code contains solutions to 61A's project (albeit in a different language), I can't release the source code publicly, but [send me an email](mailto:jack@jackthakar.com) if you're interested.", "id": "scheme", "link": "http://scheme.cs61a.org" }, { "name": "SF Launcher 2", "description": "SF Launcher 2 is a third-party launcher for Android 4.1+ built around a scrolling list of cards that can contain apps or widgets. It has been featured on both [XDA Developers](http://goo.gl/6EJVZ2) and [Droid-Life](http://goo.gl/MDffbn). I occassionally release beta builds to testers on [Google+](https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/110147923401499939073).", "id": "sflauncher", "link": "http://sflauncher.com" }, { "name": "Targets Assignment Manager", "description": "Targets is an assignment manager and autograder designed for high school computer science classes. It's built around a web-based console that connects to a desktop client in order to access files and run code on the student's machine. The source code for both the [client](https://github.com/dart-targets/targets) and the [server](https://github.com/dart-targets/targets-server) is available on GitHub.", "id": "targets", "link": "http://codetargets.com" }, { "name": "UC AP Credit Calculator", "description": "This is a calculator for the AP credit awarded at each of the nine undergraduate campuses in the University of California system designed to make it easier to determine what UC requirements can be met with high school work.", "id": "ucapcredit", "link": "http://ucapcredit.com" }, { "name": "Jack's Music Widget", "description": "This is a universal music widget for Android 4.4+ that's designed to provide media controls in a widget for any app that properly implements the media controller APIs. It was featured as an [Android Central Editor's App of the Week](http://goo.gl/tz3KgH) in November 2014. I occassionally release beta builds to testers on [Google+](https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/110147923401499939073).", "id": "musicwidget", "link": "android:com.jackthakar.musicwidget" } ]